Welcome to pg_auto_failover’s documentation!

The pg_auto_failover project is an Open Source Software project. The development happens at https://github.com/citusdata/pg_auto_failover and is public: everyone is welcome to participate by opening issues or pull requests, giving feedback, etc.

Remember that the first steps are to actually play with the pg_autoctl command, then read the entire available documentation (after all, I took the time to write it), and then to address the community in a kind and polite way — the same way you would expect people to use when addressing you.


The development of pg_auto_failover has been driven by Citus Data, since then a team at Microsoft. The Citus Data team at Microsoft generously maintains the pg_auto_failover Open Source Software so that its users may continue using it in production.

For enhancements, improvements, and new features, consider contributing to the project. Pull Requests are reviewed as part of the offered maintenance.


Assistance is provided as usual with Open Source projects, on a voluntary basis. If you need help to cook a patch, enhance the documentation, or even to use the software, you’re welcome to ask questions and expect some level of free guidance.